About Me

I first saw henna in 1996.  It was beautiful, amazing and fascinating.  I purposed to learn all I could about this art form.  I spent ten years, studying, learning, practicing and gaining experience.  In 2006, I made henna my profession.  I began a career doing something I am passionate about.  You can find me all over the Twin Cities and in Greater Minnesota bringing beauty to everyday life, one henna design at a time.

I enjoy sharing my passion. I can be found teaching workshops, community ed programs, as well as at immersion henna conferences and retreats around the country.

I hope to see you during the festival season and I invite you to stop by my booth and treat yourself to something fun, natural and beautiful!

-Victoria Welch
Owner/Lead Artist
Blurberrybuzz Body Art LLC

Working away at an intricate bridal design.
Working away at an intricate bridal design.