Healing Henna

I have the privilege of working with and supporting other wonderful henna artists in my area.  Amy Leinen of Mehndi Moments is a fierce, compassionate, loyal friend and artist.  She recently shaved her head as a fundraising activity for a friend battling breast cancer. While walking a mile in her friend’s shoes, Amy chose to also adorn her head with henna and I am the lucky one who got to do it.  Henna is generally regarded as safe for cancer patients and can be used to provide relief from a known cancer medication side effect of burning sensations in the hands and feet.

My clients who have battled cancer and henna’d their head, shared with me that being decorated is an empowering experience.  Showing off their head, instead of covering it with a hat or scarf, brings beauty and positive energy to the rocky road of cancer treatment.  The henna crown is worn with pride, opening the door for meaningful interactions with family, friends and curious strangers.Amy Crown1 Amy Crown3 Amy Crown2

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