Henna body art aftercare:

Step 1 – Let the henna paste dry.  This usually takes 15-30 minutes.  The weather and your body temperature both effect dry time.

Let henna dry for 15-30 minutes
Let henna dry for 15-30 minutes

Step 2 – Seal the dry henna paste with sugar solution.    Spray or dab the sealant on. Sometimes this step is unnecessary.  Ask your artist!

lemon sugar spray

Step 3 – Wear the henna paste for a minimum of 4 hours, 6 hours for maternity henna, 8 hours for bridal mehndi.

8 hr clock01

Step 4 – gently scrape the henna paste off the skin to reveal the fresh stain.  Natural henna stains the skin an orange/brown color which deepens over 24-48 hours to a rich mahogany.

Henna stains typically last 1-3 weeks.  Stain longevity is determined by personal body chemistry and how well the henna was cared for.


Use olive oil to remove stubborn henna paste. Click for a two minute video on henna removal

Jagua Aftercare:

Allow the jagua paste or gel to dry.  This can take up to 2 hours.  Wash off the skin with cool soapy water. The design starts out light gray/blue/ and deepens in color over 12-24 hours to a rich blue/navy blue. Designs usually last 1-2 weeks.

Glitter body art and colored henna style body art:
It’s waterproof!  Pat dry after getting it wet.  Avoid rubbing or picking the design. Enjoy for 1-7 days.

Face and body paint:
For large designs, work some olive oil or coconut oil into the design.  Then use a soapy, lathered washcloth to remove the oil and paint.  Finally, rinse well with warm water.  Our paints are FDA compliant and highly pigmented professional water activated makeup.  If the paint gets wet first, it will reactivate and soak into the pores causing hazing and staining on the skin.