Henna Aftercare

Henna is easy to care for.

Step 1 – Let the henna paste dry.  This usually takes 15-30 minutes.  The weather and your body temperature both effect dry time.

Let henna dry for 15-30 minutes
Let henna dry for 15-30 minutes

Step 2 – Seal the dry henna paste with lemon sugar solution.    Spray or dab the sealant on. Sometimes this step is unnecessary.  Ask your artist!

lemon sugar spray

Step 3 – Wear the henna paste for a minimum of 4 hours, 6 hours for maternity henna, 8 hours for bridal mehndi.

8 hr clock01

Step 4 – gently scrape the henna paste off the skin to reveal the fresh stain.  Natural henna stains the skin an orange/brown color which deepens over 24-48 hours to a rich mahogany.

Henna stains typically last 1-3 weeks.  Stain longevity is determined by personal body chemistry and how well the henna was cared for.


Use olive oil to remove stubborn henna paste. Click for a two minute video on henna removal