Henna Crowns

There’s been quite a bit of press lately about henna crowns.  The main focus of the articles is women with cancer.  While I do henna on clients deep in the cancer dance, I also find that a number of other clients without hair or experiencing baldness enjoy henna crowns.

Let’s talk about safety first.  Henna is generally safe.  Any professional, reputable artist will hand craft their henna paste using the finest ingredients.  Kitchen made henna is usually top quality and can be used on immuno-suppressed clients. Henna cones purchased from a grocery store or market cannot be trusted.  They are full of chemical preservatives and additives which are not recommended for use on the body.  Black henna, isn’t even henna, but PPD, should never be used on anyone!

Now onto cancer.  Hennaing cancer patients offers several benefits.  To those who suffer from hand and foot syndrome, a burning caused by some medications, henna offers relief.  Its natural endothermic action draws the heat and relieves the burning sensation.  Decorating the head is gaining in popularity.  There isn’t any medical benefit, but the emotional and social benefits are wonderful.  My clients report that when they are out in public with a decorated head, the sad looks they normally receive are changed to excitement in interest in the cool body art.  Their baldness becomes an area of strength not something to feel sorry for.  My clients also report that it helps boost their confidence.  That wearing something beautiful and intentional helps them embrace their new body image.  The emotional healing is truly beautiful and one of the most powerful aspects of henna.

Henna Heals, Intl is an international networking organization that helps connect those clients wanting a henna crown for medical reasons with a professional artist.  I am affiliated with them, though most of my clients find me via personal referrals and social media.

I also have a number of clients who enjoy henna who have alopecia or who shave their heads for various reasons.  They all enjoy celebrating baldness with body art.  I hope you consider it too!

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