How To Henna

Fabulous henna paste is so important.  I love my current recipe.  It’s one I’ve been using since April 2016.  I usually tweak things when I get new henna powder, but by and large this has been working wonderfully!  I weigh and measure everything.  I recommend having a kitchen scale.  They’re $10-$20 at any big box store or Amazon. I have all the other ingredients you need in my henna shop too.

Ingredient List:
Henna Powder – I prefer 50-50 stringy Rajasthani and Jamila
Sugar – my sugar of choice is fructose.  I love it!
Essential Oils – I have a few favorites and love to blend.  Lavendar/Naiouli is nice as is Lavendar/Cajeput
Lemon Juice
Rose water is optional

Small Batch:
20g henna powder
6g fructose (depending on the weather, I may go up to 10g)
5 ml essential oils
Lemon Juice

Large Batch
100g henna powder
30-40g fructose
30ml essential oils
Lemon Juice

Weigh the henna powder and fructose, then add the essential oils.  Slowly add lemon juice until the henna is the consistency of mashed potatoes.  Cover with cling film and let it rest at room temperature (65-75F) for 24 hours.  If your home is cool, you may need a few more hours. Thin the henna with rose water.  Then strain through a nylon sock and cone it up!

Check out my YouTube channel for tutorials too!